Team building with Tour de Zsokolat

The team building activities are based on the love and wide knowledge of chocolate. The thematic team-games are built upon each other, varying from venue to venue keeping the concept in mind: the participants of the tour are getting to know each other’s individual characteristics through playful situations.

During the tour we visit family owned manufactures and shops that will be open only for us and they will let us taste rarities that you cannot find elsewhere like the Venezuelan hot chocolate made with water or the „Grate Taste” that won a silver medal on the Academy of Chocolate.

Tour description and location:

4 hours program. It stars at 10:00 am and finishes at 2:00 pm.
Meeting point: Bonbonier Manufacture
Address: 9-11 Bokréta Street, 9th district

Introduction to the world of chocolate

You will learn how to taste properly chocolate, what kind of row material is used for and how it is processed to make it. The rules of classification and tasting, latest news and trends. What to look for when we choose a chocolate. What makes the best chocolate of the world? Everything you need to know in 30 minutes.

Factory visit at Bonbonier with Nóra Erdélyi, chocolatier

A legjobb minőségű alapanyagokból készült, saját készítésű bonbonok, valódi és különleges ízek Erdélyi Nóra chocolatier elképzelései szerint.

With the help of Nóra we prepare bonbons, truffles made out of the best quality materials with special flavors. You can let your imagination fly and create the type of bonbons you always wanted to give or receive.


Then we go by public transportation to Wesselényi Street to visit a very special and creative family: an economist and his wife who at the middle of his career turned into „maître chocolatier”.

Inspiration and passion these are his leitmotivs. This is what we discover by tasting his bonbons and truffles. Experience, experiment and knowledge dreamed up those bonbons with imaginative labels. Playing with appellation playing with chocolate: this is „Zangio”

Next stop: Rózsavölgyi Chocolate

From Zangio we take a walk through one of the most charming square (Károly Square) in Pest to taste seasonally and regionally selected special chocolates there.

Rózsavölgyi Manufacture got several acclaims from international experts. They were the first Hungarian chocolatier to win a silver medal in 2009 at the Academy of Chocolate. How was it possible? You will learn this after having tasted their bonbons and tablets made out of their own chocolate paste.

At the end a great surprise reveals itself. The participants will receive answers to questions beginning with “who, what and why” as a gourmet would recommend. The game ends here, but the experience will never go away.

The price of the tour:

9800 HUF/ person including the tasting and a 10% discount in case of purchase, a tour package and the tour guide.

Please transfer the fee to the following bank account:

We confirm your registration once we receive your transfer.


Áth-Horváth Zsóka
+36 30 448 18 14

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