The Rózsavölgyi chocolate manufactory was founded by Katalin Csiszár and her husband, Zsolt Szabad in 2004. In the beginning their main profile was the production of bonbon chocolates, but nowadays their chocolate bars made by own chocolate can achieve excellent ratings in prestigious international competitions. They where the first in Hungary who started to produce “bean-to-bar” chocolate. The “bean-to-bar” is a category, which means that the manufacturers are processing cocoa beans themselves and make their own chocolate of the beans. Kati orders the cocoa beans from Venezuela and Madagascar. The chocolates made from these beans have repeatedly won silver and bronze medals on the competitions of the Academy of Chocolate. They won two bronze medals in 2013, and in the same year three of their chocolate received a 2-star rating at the Grate Taste Award. In addition, the Madagascar Criollo, the Porcelana, and Trichereas also received two stars from the Guild of Fine Food in London.