It was founded by Albéric Guironnet, French pastry chef, in 1922. Since the founding of the manufactory, they prepare one of the world’s best raw ingredient for chocolate. Many Hungarian chocolate manufacturers are using ingredients of Valrhona. Most of their chocolates are Gand Cru, which means that the cocoa beans are from a particular country or region, but not from the same plantation. Cité du Chocolat is their headquaters, a 2,000-square-meter grand modern building. Permanent exhibitions and various activities are avaiting the visitors. For those who would like to become the master of chocolate making, the Ecole du Grand Chocolat provides excellent opportunities. They have several vintage chocolates, for which the cocoa beans are mostly purchased from the Caribbean region, Madagascar, and Trinidad. The Valrhona company today has 5 subsidiaries and 60 distributors around the world.