About me

I didn’t eat sugary things for a long time, not even chocolate. It seems I wasn’t aware there is good quality, tasty chocolate barely containing sugar. It all began when I broke the “sugar fast” and started looking for quality chocolate.

I managed to find Hungarian artisan chocolate made of good ingredients. I could find a course about chocolate where I realized I wanted to deal with chocolate as my profession. I found a job where I could become the local representative, “spokesperson” of excellent quality artisan chocolate. So I found myself in a job where I was under the spell of chocolate day in, day out. When a change came about in my life I was wrecking my mind on a new chocolate experience. I wanted to create something that can give others the joy and the happiness that a good piece of chocolate offers me. Hence the idea was born to take people on a chocolate treat to the places and workshops where there has always been professional work, excellent chocolate has always been made.

Tour de Zsokolat is a unique gastro-cultural chocolate tour in the heart of the downtown among the best chocolate makers. During the tour you can get to know how many types of cocoa beans exist, how chocolate is made, how you should taste it and rate it! And of course, there’s the history, plenty of pralines, truffle and chocolate bars. This half a day programme is usually enough to make you want to eat nothing else, but good chocolate!

Zsóka Áth-Horváth